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Wednesday, 21 January 2009


I haven't posted on here yet about my business ~ I import soapnuts from India and sell them on-line. To me they really are nature's miracle cleaner!!

Some more info:

Now available in SA!!The environmentally friendly and affordable detergent - Soapnuts

A washing detergent that grows on trees…literally - soapnuts are an environmentally friendly sustainably produced, bio-degradable and compostable way of cleaning not only your laundry, but also your whole house.
They are increasingly popular in Europe and the US, and Nature Soap are happy to be the first to bring this wonderful product to environmentally aware South Africans.
Soapnuts are all-natural with no chemical additives, they do the job of cleaning without any of the nasty side effects suffered by many people with allergies. They are even gentle enough to clean newborn baby clothes and nappies.
A 500g package contains enough soapnuts to wash about 135 laundry loads. No Fabric softener is needed. Your washing machine will last longer as there are no harsh chemicals to attack washing machine parts.
For more info or to place an order visit or contact Annie on 0833080086.
Later this week I will post some green cleaning tips and soapnut recipes.


Linda said...

Hello Annie!

Your Christmas decorations are lovely and your soap nuts have arrived! I am so excited to use them.

Have an awesome day....

Carle' said...

So pleased you are blogging a bit more. :-)

I cant wait till your recipes are up.


Crunchy Annie said...

:-) :-)I have started working on a recipe post, promise to have it up by sunday