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Monday, 29 December 2008

Our African Christmas

In our quest to be more enviro-friendly we decided to go the natural route for our Christmas tree again this year. Last years inverted tree root was great, but there were no trees that had been removed since we moved to our new house, so this was not really an option. We decided to find an indigenous tree that we could decorate.

Since I have my hands full with the kids and trying to get a new business off the ground, not to mention trying to settle into our new home, hubby offered to find a tree; with his busy schedule it was the 23rd December before he managed to find some young acacia trees in an area of the farm that is earmarked for bush-clearing and planting in the new year. Since we prefer to decorate our tree on the 24th and didn't want to keep the tree inside too long, so as not to kill it, hubby gently removed it and brought it home on the 24th where we planted it into a terracotta pot. Sadly the other trees in this part of the farm will not meet with such a favourable fate; but we are planning on taking several more out for our garden.

We kept the decorations simple using some ribbons from my sewing supplies, tea lights, painted jacaranda seed-pods and felted ornaments made by Dylan (with supplies bought from Carle -

Gnome made by Dylan

Some more gnomes and faries

We added some gnomes made by a fellow homeschool mom and our painted jacaranda pods